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Wealthy Beginnings

Have you ever driven through a really nice neighborhood and wondered, "What do these people do for a living?" Most of us have!

Wouldn't it be nice to ask them, "How do you have so much money and how do I figure that out for myself?"

So why don't we just ask them? Well, because it can feel embarrassing to admit we don't understand it.

Money can be a mystery, especially when it comes to making a lot of it. We don't open up about it because we don't want to look dumb or be taken advantage of.

The truth is...It's ok to wonder those things. And it's ok to ask for help.

It's just important to know who to ask and where to go for answers.

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Why some people win at the money game and why most of us do not.

Think about where you are at in life right now. Maybe you just got out of college or you've been in a career as a teacher or in a trade or in some kind of business or nonprofit. Or maybe you've been forced into unemployment.

It's possible you chose a career path with a sense of purpose. It's also possible you just took any job that was available.

No matter where you are or why you're there, it's important to know that your future is not written in stone on some mysterious Mount Olympus.

You have the authority and power to choose where you go from here. And it's ok if you want to make extra money so that you can live out your purpose and have a greater impact with your life.

Even if you love what you do, it's ok to ask, "Is there a way I can do better financially or have more freedom of time?"

Answering that question may lead you to a different and equally or more satisfying career. Or it might help you simply create another income stream.

In any case, let's knock on that door together and ask some questions.


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We believe families don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan. Take control of your financial future with a FREE Financial Needs Analysis.


We love teaching and educating middle income America How Money Works. The road to financial freedom begins with a good financial education.


Kind Words from Happy Clients

Katherine helped me save money on my insurance and I used that money to pay off my debt faster.

Knowing that I had a coach who believed in me made all the difference. Thank you, Katherine! 

What a difference a coach can make! When I started I was thousands of dollars in debt and couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. Katherine helped me create a financial road map with turn by turn directions to help make more income, get out of debt faster and ultimately find financial freedom.

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