You’re Smart. You’re Successful. You’re Driven.

So why aren’t you happy? Not sure? Let’s figure it out together.



Me: I love elephants, hate brussel sprouts, and will jump out of a moving vehicle at the first sign of a bumble bee.

You: On the outside, you look like you have it all together (trips, kids, husband, and career) and you can’t put your finger on when it happened but somewhere along the way you stopped feeling valued. You may even be feeling close to being burnt out on life.

You’ve been doing everything for everyone else for so long, it’s possible you forgot how to prioritize your own happiness (if you could even remember what ignites your happiness!)

I know how you’re feeling because I was once where you are. I felt under valued at work, and invisible at home. I tried everything from interventions with my boss to spa days and mani/pedi’s.

After 20 years as an HR professional, I realized that success on paper was and is not all that it’s chalked up to be. This a-ha realization started me on a path to discovering my true life purpose and ultimate happiness.

My clients tell me that they value my sense of authenticity and individuality. I’ve been told that I have the unique ability to relate, keep it real, and tell it like it is. I consider it both a privilege and an honour to help women like you.

Shall we get started?

Katherine Kuhn, hire me


I’m committed to helping you get unstuck. I want to help you break the habit of people-pleasing and help you learn how to advocate for yourself. I know you need a safe space where you can explore all your feelings and not feel guilty about any of them.

The reality is that you’re responsible for your own happiness. But right now, you just can’t see how that is possible. That’s where I come in. Together, we’ll learn how to manage your emotions, activate your confidence, find what truly makes you happy, and reclaim your life. It is possible to take responsibility for your future and create happiness on demand. I’m going to teach you how.

Hire me as your coach and you’ll get:

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  • Accountability & personalized support

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Kind Words from Happy Clients

Katherine is a smart and insightful coach. She was able to quickly zero in on my pain points, identify the root cause, and help me take meaningful action towards my goal. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to grow their coaching business.

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