Too many of us run our business in survival mode.

It doesn’t start out that way, but we soon find ourselves being reactive, struggling to stay on top of all the things we’re told we should be doing.

Distractions bombard us from all sides.

In my experience, the most frustrating and common syndrome is investing in a new tool or taking a new course but never having the time to really learn or take advantage of all its promises.

And then there are distractions such as email or Facebook.

However, if it was just a matter of managing social interactions better or avoiding bright, shiny objects, we would still see only limited improvement.

When you feel stuck in your business and you aren’t making anywhere near the income you want to make, a few quick fixes aren’t what you need: You need a radical paradigm shift!

Here are seven ways to think completely different about your business.

  1. Give Up Control

    While it is good to be specific, when setting up goals and planning how to attain them, be careful not to think too rigidly.

    Telling the Universe that you want to increase your income in a specific way with a specific outcome can blind you to unexpected opportunities and methods.

    By all means, have a specific intent, but allow the Universe to deliver what you need in its own unique way.

    You’ll find it is often much better and more generous than the rigid outcome you were expecting anyway!
  2. Let Go of Everything that No Longer Serves Its Purpose

    If you want change to happen, make room for it. Get rid of old clothes, furniture, knick-knacks – even your old car.

    When you de-clutter you’re letting the Universe know it’s time for better things to come into your life. Moreover, you’re literally making room for more abundance.
  3. De-Clutter Your Emotions

    It’s all well and good de-cluttering your closet or your office, but be sure to spring clean other areas of your life too.

    What habits and thoughts are you clinging on to that no longer serve you?

    Let them go! Right now, give them permission to leave with unconditional love.
  4. Take Action

    A journey begins with one step, but until you take that step, you’re sitting still.

    Ridiculously obvious…but signaling your intent to the Universe by taking action can be the most powerful manifestation technique possible.

    Remember that feeling is NOT doing!
  5. Be Grateful for the Smallest Sign

    Remember, when it comes to manifesting, sometimes the smallest action can cause the biggest paradigm shift.

    For example, picking up a dime and thanking the Universe for money begin attracted to you is the start of a money abundance mindset. So don’t overlook that dime!
  6. Give When You Are Lacking
    When money is really tight, there’s a natural tendency to go into Fear Mode, and focus on the big hole in the boat.

    This leads to lowered vibrations as we let fear paralyze us.

    The next time you are facing tough financial times, look outward.

    Donate to a cause you care about. Giving when it hurts is a powerful way to raise your vibration and signal your trust to the Universe.
  7. Watch Your Words

    Words are powerful!! Words create your reality, so eliminate words that dis-empower you, like ‘someday’, or ‘one-day’ or ‘in the future’.

    Instead substitute phrases like ‘I am (as in “I am going to Marco Island on February 4 – 10, 2022.

    Once you make a clear plan and commitment, you will find all sorts of ways to move toward your goal. Before you know it, it will become a reality!

    Finally, remember, merely wishing you had more money is called ‘day-dreaming’.

    Desire, naming your goal and taking action is what starts the journey toward the finish line.

    What action will you take today toward manifesting more money in your business (and more joy) in your life?

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About Katherine Kuhn

After a successful 20+ year career as an HR Professional, I discovered that success-on-paper was not all that it's cracked up to be. This a-ha realization launched me on a path to discovering my true life purpose and ultimate happiness. After receiving my Life Coach Certification, I became fully committed to helping my clients break the cycle of people-pleasing, begin advocating for themselves, and finally stop feeling guilty for living a life of true joy, happiness and fulfillment.

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