Connections, Client Loyalty, & Cash!

Online marketing has evolved from the hard sell into relationship marketing.

To put it simply, people buy from sellers they know, like and trust.

Most online entrepreneurs understand the importance of being easily recognized, visible and “out there” for people to find, connect with, and discover.

But relationship marketing is about more than just putting yourself out there.

It’s about investing your time and attention to creating customer retention and satisfaction. It’s about creating repeat buyers by establishing trust and inspiring loyalty.

Relationship marketing is the way to go if you’re looking for a rewarding and natural way to care and share with your clients and not just fast cash.

So how do you get them to know, like, and trust you?

If you’re planning to invest in a relationship marketing strategy, the first thing you want to do is get your ideal community to recognize you as quickly as possible.

That means maintaining a consistent, visual presence. Your community needs to see you in their social feeds and inbox, as well as at significant events.

Make sure you are regularly visible, but not annoying. Your tribe should never feel like you are spamming them.

Here are two great ways to keep your interactions both scheduled and natural:

  • Schedule post and emails. They become anticipated by habit, and are therefore less likely to be annoying.
  • Be natural and focus on your intended recipient. They never come out of your own financial needs or goals, or from your ego, and they feel good to receive because they usually share something important your reader wants.

In addition, you want to make sure your posts and emails are anticipated with excitement versus irritation.

  • Use templates and visual branding for emails. Templates increase familiarity, while branding you as the expert and friend they know so well.
  • Decide on email frequency, and stick to your schedule.
  • Only send extra emails when something comes up that is likely to be important to your subscriber.
  • Use reminders for events and launches. Make sure they are always scheduled at the same frequency, as specified intervals.
  • Post at the same time(s) every day.

Humans love patterns and rhythms. The more exposure people have to something, the faster they recognize it and begin to accept it.

Think about the last song you heard that you hated when you heard it for the first time.

Now that you’ve heard it a thousand times because it’s played on the radio over and over, you find yourself actually tapping your foot and singing along.

That’s the power of repetition! Routine equals safety, anomalies are suspect and dangerous.

Relate that to your email or facebook live. When you show up consistently every day or week, people begin to expect it and are less likely to be annoyed by your message.

Sticking to a schedule helps reinforce repetition and creates anticipation. Sticking to a schedule gets her to know, like and trust you in a way that is natural and relatable.

She instinctively knows you’re not going to bombard her with too many emails.

For example, Beth Caldwell has an amazing Monday Morning Mastermind. It’s a regular Monday morning tip that is consistent and informative.

She shows up every Monday, rain or shine and we are grateful for the reminder!

The eagerness comes from liking and trusting her to have our best interest and goals in mind – and more importantly – she makes it obvious, she truly cares about her audience.

About Katherine Kuhn

After a successful 20+ year career as an HR Professional, I discovered that success-on-paper was not all that it's cracked up to be. This a-ha realization launched me on a path to discovering my true life purpose and ultimate happiness. After receiving my Life Coach Certification, I became fully committed to helping my clients break the cycle of people-pleasing, begin advocating for themselves, and finally stop feeling guilty for living a life of true joy, happiness and fulfillment.

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